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KLE University awarded its Deemed to Be Status on 13/4/2013. Jawarhahl Nehru College is its constituent university.

KLE University Vision

Jawarhahl Nehru College as a constituent university of KLE university is committed to offering quality and state-of-the-art medical education, research, and healthcare services both at the national and international level.

KLE University Mission

The institute is striving in its commitment in being the leader in provision of standard medical education and allied Health Sciences, in a supportive environment of scholarship, research, integrity, critical thinking and self directed learning.  Provision of comprehensive, culturally sensitive, community oriented Health care to individuals and families is what the institution has envisaged in its mission to the people.

The institute is working to be among the best ten medical colleges in India in the field of medical education, research and healthcare services. With the 1000 bed of DR PrabhakarKore Charitable Hospital and three Primary Health Centers and one urban Health centre, Jawarhal will be the prime center of post graduate and under graduate training. During the training of students who are taking post-graduate courses in medicine patients at the institute end up getting free medical services as a result. This college at Belgaum gives testimony of the high professional standards that has been achieved by the KLE society. It is through the efforts of the late Dr. B.S. Jirge the founder of the KLE society that the foundation of the present academic vastness was laid. In the first decade the institution was headed by the late D.R B.S. Desai and D.R M. BasavarajUrs. The reigns of the institution was taken over by D.R S.G. Desai in 1971. D.R S.G. Desai dedication at the institution between 1971 and 1985 saw the institution achieve high standards of discipline, decorum, and academic excellence.


How do I get there?

Address: Nehru Nagar, Belagavi, Karnataka 590010, India.

In 1985 a person named D.R H.B. Rajshekhar assumed the office of the principal. The college experienced robust growth in infrastructure and learning resources during D.R H.B Rajshekar reign. He is the one who contributed to the development of KLE Hospital and MRC, Department of medical education, digital library and collaboration with the University of Illinois, USA.  He took keen interest in ensuring that student’s welfare and support amenities were improved. In August 2002, D.R V.D. Patel took over as the Principal. He took over the reins of leadership when the field of higher medical education was going through the effects of Globalization.  Recognized by the Medical Council of India, this college has a 1000 bedded free charitable block as well as the 1000 bedded D.R PrabhakarKore Hospital & Medical Research Centre on campus. With all the advanced facilities, the medical students have access to comprehensive medical science and its practice, in both rural and urban areas. The college also runs a rural hospital called the Dr. Kamal Medical Centre, 150 KMs away at a place called Ankola.

Genesis of the KLE University

The institution was established in 1963 at Belgaum due to an acute shortage of medical facilities in the region by the founder dean the late D.R B.S Jirge.




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