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Long Life Ahead with KSHEMA

The KSHEMA, usually known as KS Hegde Medical Academy, is a medical college located in Deralakatte, next to Mangalore City. The K S Hegde Medical Academy is managed and run by Nitte Education Trust, which operates several professional colleges in Karnataka State. KSHEMA provides MBBS course (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) together with post-graduation programs. The academy was associated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) until 2009, but is now connected to NITTE University.

KSHEMA was founded by Nitte Education Trust in 1999. The name of this college was derived from its founder, the late social worker, former Speaker of the Lok Sabha, and former Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice K. S. Hedge.


KS Hegde Medical Academy has signed a contract of support with The University of Texas Health Science Center for their work in support of the researches in diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. KSHEMA has founded a modern regional research center with regard to transmissible diseases in association with the University of Texas Health Sciences. In addition, K S Hegde Medical Academy has training and staff exchange programs with Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, USA.


KSHEMA has made brisk advancement and development towards being distinguished as a medical college with high academic values, which provide quality healthcare while focusing on supporting social responsibility to its students. In relation to the mission and vision of Nitte University, KSHEMA does their best to generate humane and competent professional individuals empowered to deal with future challenges in terms of ethical integrity.

Academic Programs of KS Hegde Medical Academy

  • Provides MD/MS and MBBS programs known by India’s Medical Council
  • Provides BS courses and programs in Operation Theatre Technology and Medical Imaging Technology
  • Offers all holistic health care levels such as primary super-speciality services and offers exceptional training opportunities to their students

KS Hegde Medical Academy has been pro-active and hands-on in adopting and developing teaching-learning interests that give students with excellent training opportunities. Initiatives such as objective assessment practices, e-learning resources, integrated learning, Skill Laboratory and Mentorship program are some of the best parts of academic courses provided by K S Hegde Medical Academy. KSHEMA boasts its support staff and dedicated faculty who make every effort in order to generate an encouraging environment for students to become competent professionals in the future.

K S Hegde Medical Academy has shown an obligation and dedication to develop a dynamic research program and productively has produced substantial assistance from external funding institutions. K S Hegde Medical Academy has research linkages and collaborations with national and international organizations such as the University of Toronto, Wake Forest University, St. John’s Research Institute, and BARC Research Center. Both post-graduate and undergraduate students are pushed to take part in research activities of this medical school.

Along with its educational programs, KS Hegde Medical Academy also has a KS Hegde Hospital, which is a full-pledged 1200 hospice affiliated with KSHEMA. Hence, for students of K S Hegde Medical Academy, they will have an opportunity to have a long life ahead of them!



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