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Management and Science University (MSU) stands high from just a college to a Tier 5 Excellence rated University. MSU is one of the best in Malaysia as it is accorded twice the Tier 5 Excellence by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. MSU focuses in its graduates employability specialising in Medicine, Health and Life Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Business, Management, Accounting, Hospitality, Law, Computer Technologies and Engineering. Graduates from MSU are moulded of high moral values and distinction, committed to lifelong learning, leadership, integrity and professionalism.


In MSU Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery aim to groom future medical doctors with skill sets and professionalism to be the higher order professionals in the industry.


How do I get there?

The School has two campuses, in Bangalore, India and in Shah Alam. The IMS campus in Bangalore focuses entirely on the MBBS Degree programme (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery). 

At its Shah Alam campus, IMS offers 3 programmes and these are MBBS degree, Bachelor of Medical Science and Diploma in Medical Science. Students pursuing their studies at the Shah Alam campus may opt for transfer to the IMS Bangalore campus.

Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS)

MBBS is a 5 year program in MSU with 3 phases. Year 1 & 2 focuses on basic medical sciences and Year 3 Introduction to Basic Clinical Skills and knowledge. Later in year 4 they have different specialities and the Year 5 is on consolidation of the clinical skills and knowledge.

MSU makes teaching learning interactive with variety of method listed below

  • small group teaching
  • self-directed learning
  • case-based learning
  • bed site teaching
  • continuous medical education
  • clinico-pathological conference
  • seminar
  • lecture, and
  • tutorial.

MBBS program in MSU adhere to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) guidelines and approved by MMC. Early stage of MBBS in MSU emphasises to patient care and later clinical teaching builds upon and reinforces strong scientific foundation. MBBS program in Management and Science University (MSU) focuses in clinical communication skills and early clinical contact visit to medical practices, community care facilities and hospitals.

The MBBS students of MSU are also encouraged to be involved in various community services to contribute to society. A module on Ethics and Medical Jurisprudence, Radiology and Community Medicine are delivered concurrently throughout the year of study.

MSU aspires to be the leading global university of choice for specialized and professional education, providing holistic academic standards which are relevant to the needs of the industry and meeting global expectations whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Being a MSU Medical graduate there are many opportunities out there:

  • Medical Officer in gazette Malaysia hospitals
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Specialist in various healthcare discipline
  • Academic lecturer
  • Researcher



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