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MMRCI Facilities

Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute (MMCRI) has state of the art facilities that ensure the best learning and social environment for the students in the institution. These facilities are easily comparable to those present in any of the renowned institutions of the country. MMCRI’s administration is committed to further improvement and upgradation of the facilities in order to enhance the environment and standard of education provided to the students. Some of the facilities present at MMCRI are mentioned below:

  • State of the art class rooms
  • Fully equipped Laboratories
  • Well-stocked Library
  • Hostel and mess facility
  • Health Center
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  • Transport facility


After the independence of India, policy makers paid special attention to providing quality education to the people throughout the country. The objective of educating the people was to enable the people raise their standard of living by gaining knowledge and joining different professions. It was soon realized that providing quality education to the people is not only the responsibility of the government, private sector has to share the burden too and play vital part in it.

Many Non-Government Organizations came into existence with above mentioned mission. One of them was Meenakshi Ammal Trust which was founded as a non-profit, public charitable and educational trust by Mrs. Meenakshi Ammal in 1983. The trust set up various educational institutions with the aim of providing education to the poor and needy students. These educational which include Schools, Engineering, Medical and Dental colleges along with hospitals, libraries and hostels are benefiting public and promoting education and Indian culture in them.

One of the most prominent projects of Meenakshi Ammal Trust is Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute (MMCRI). It is also known as Meenakshi University. Located in Enathur, it is now considered among the best medical institutes in the state.


Infrastructure and transport

Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute is located in Enathur, a town near Kanchipuram. . The huge campus of the medical college covers an area of 39.08 acres, with total plinth area around 6 lac square feet.  The college is at a distance of about 60km from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu and is easily accessible through both public and private transport because of its proximity to Chennai-Bangalore National Highway. Train facilities of nearby city, Kanchipuram can also be availed. Nearest airport is Anna Airport (Meenmbakam) which is a mere 50 km away from the Institute.

Facilities at Medical College and Research Institute

The college accommodates one hundred M.B.B.S students each year and offers all the medical, surgical and allied specialties as well as science and research department. The college has a spacious and well-stocked library which is open 24 hours and managed by an efficient staff comprising 17 members. There are various well equipped science, research and IT labs to facilitate the students. The college has an air conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 600. College has a committed and hardworking Dean in Dr. M. Ganapathy. The teaching staff is well trained and quite experienced in their fields. Moreover, 50 more M.B.B.S seats and various postgraduate Diploma and degree course are to be added soon.

Hospital Facilities

The hospital attached to the institute is working from September 2001 and is well equipped with the modern machinery. The total capacity of the hospital is 570 beds with the average bed occupancy of 86%. The staff comprises of 164 medical and 190 paramedical personnel. There are separate wards for men, women and children. The hospital also has post operative wards and Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Emergency department is fully operational 24 hours and has a capacity of 20 beds. The staff members of the hospital are specialists and are fully capable of handling treatment and surgeries related to neurology, cardiology, trauma, anesthesia, orthopedics, ENT, organ failures, gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, obstetrics and burns. A large number of patients from both urban and rural areas visit the hospital for special treatment of complex diseases. Everyday a large number of outpatients receive treatment and medicine from the hospital. Moreover, on average about 10 major and 7 minor surgeries are performed daily. The hospital keeps record of each and every patient for reference in future. The wards have telecom facilities for better communication between the staff in case of any emergency. The distribution of beds is according to the standards and norms of Medical Council of India.

Hostels, Mess and Sports Facilities

Hostel facilities are available for the students, interns and staff. Separate hostels for 234 male students and 320 female students are present. Hostel facility for internees has a capacity for 64 males and 60 females. The rooms are well furnished and mess facility is also available. Health center is also present for the hostel residents. Several indoor and outdoor sports facilities are present inside the campus and can be availed any time.




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