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I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (as known as MSMU) is one of the oldest universities in Russia. This university has become the cradle of most medical schools around Russia. In Moscow State Medical University they use their traditions that they used all along to teach their loyal students. In this university, the lecturers give you all their possible knowledge and experience that they have learned in all their years of lecturing. MSMU had, and still have, several great graduates with quality education that they received while studying at the university. MSMU offers great and quality education to each and every graduate that step through the university’s doors.



Moscow State Medical University

Should you be studying here?

Yes, you should. The I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the best in the country and it is recognized by UNESCO, world Health Organization (WHO), MMC and MOHE. MSMU is ranked as the second highest rated medical institution of the world since 1989. The university is at the Moscow City Centre, it is only twenty minutes away from the Malaysian Embassy and the airport. There is a very strong and united fellowship between the Malaysian students. MSMU is the centre for training, certification and upgrading the medical personnel and pharmacists in Russia. Every bit of knowledge was properly researched in order to give the students the best possible education that they can get. The university has twenty buildings for students’ studies, for classrooms and for lecture halls. There’s a research centre, a clinical centre with seventeen different clinics that can hold up to 3000 patients. There’s a library, a publishing section, laboratories, a botanical garden, a video-photo department and several hostels for students to live in.


There’s several courses that takes place through the day and through the night. There’s pharmaceutical courses, higher nurses’ training courses and stomatological courses. You can get your pharmacist upgrading, you can learn health service management, you can get premedical education and you can receive foreign undergraduate education.

There are about 9000 students that studies every year at Moscow State Medical University. These students studies General Medicine that’s available in the Russian and English medium. They study Pharmacy that is only available in Russian and French medium. They study Preventive Medicine, Stomatology that is also known as Dentistry, they learn nursing and they have a Faculty for research and teaching staff training. Roughly 1500 students take part in post-graduate training for internships.  They also take part in clinical internships that covers all clinical specialities or any post-graduate courses. The university employs about two thousand people that consists of researchers, doctors including 300 professionals and 1000 P.HD’s in total. MSMU does not only deliver courses in Russian, but also in English and in France. The university makes sure that all the information that they receive is proven and trustworthy.

Moscow State Medical University delivers the best knowledge to their loyal and hard-working students. Students that studies at the university are guaranteed to succeed in life with their new knowledge to use in their new jobs. MSMU only gives quality service to their students. With roughly a thousand people assigned in this University, you won’t be able to get behind with your work, due to not understanding the work or the work may be too hard for the student. Moscow State Medical University is the best university in Russia.



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