Step One


Registration is the most important part.

You will be getting the full set of documents to be filled up and submitted. Every single document is crucial and half of it will be couriered overseas to our partner University for processing. It’s a lengthy process, so as part of our service, we provide assistance, guide and advise. As minor error can result in long delays, rest assured our experience and professionalism will take you through the whole process with ease and confidence. This process will take 3-4 weeks. During which, you are welcome to revert any queries that you may have to us via telephone or walking into our office. Our communication line is always open to students and parents alike during this period.

You are welcome to walk in to our office to clarify your doubts.

Most of the time, the registration is after a full and lengthy marketing presentation by us. This presentation will picture the entire 5 years of the programme in Indonesia, India and Russia. It’s always exciting when the Q and A session starts!

Give us a call at 017-680069 to know more, we will be glad to assist you.


Entrance examination will be held around the month of May or June according to the availability of halls and the convenience of the staffs from the respected Universities in Indonesia.India and Russia application doesn’t involve entrance examination. Its based on the availability of the seats on first come first serve system. Most of the time, parents or students post the same question ‘why do they need to sit for an entrance exam?’ The reason is simple, in Malaysia we have quite a number of Pre-Univ courses e.g. (A- level, SAM, CPU, STPM etc), they (our partner University) have difficulty accessing each and every qualification according to its standard and so, they streamline it to make it as one, which is the entrance examination. What I’m trying to stress here is that pre- univ qualification is merely a ticket to a seat for the entrance examination. The real selection (to the university) will be based on the grades in the entrance examination.

The total number of students accepted will be based on the total seats available for that particular intake. Its competitive.

Worry not as we have an edge to this. Our students will be given books relevant and other materials to guide or give a feel or taste of the examination. Our company till date has managed to secure a staggering 70% of the seats offered every year, thanks to our dedicated lecturers (who brush the students to their fullest potential weeks before the examination). And yes, we conduct these revision classes Free of Charge!

Step Three


Selected students will be receiving the Letter of Offer in the month of June or early July. Normally, at this time the parents have prepared the required amount to be paid and transferred to the respected Universities.

At this time, parents will be paying the 1st year tuition fees, hostel fees and handling fees. The breakdown on the payment has been briefed in detail during our first marketing presentation itself before any commitment is made.

There are many modes of payment and you will be fully assisted by our highly experienced account officers. There are no hidden charges involved.

Step Four


This event is conducted in one of the hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Parents and students will be informed much earlier and confirmation is required. Its a very important event and attendance is compulsory. It will enlighten and equip the students and parents will all the information that they will need for the next 5 years of their academic endeavors in Indonesia, India and Indonesia. This is a session where all parties can clarify every single doubt that they may have. Our speaker is very experienced and highly knowledgeable in this field. When others post question that you may have left out and is answered, everybody learns.

This is also ‘Meet your fellow batchmates and their parents’ session.

Parents are always pleased after this session when we give them all the essential info as they feel safe and secured. Monitoring the academic and social status of their child is also possible. We have no barrier in sharing all the experience we have in this industry and that is for the past 14 years! We have seen the best and the worst..so trust me, you are at the right place.

Step Five


We can accommodate as many people who come to bid the student farewell. Rest assured they are in safe hands since relationship has been build for months leading up to the departure. Check-in, passport hand over, document checks and final check list etc will be handled by our skillful officers at the airport to ensure a smooth flow.

Bon Voyage! And return a respected Doctor!

Becoming a doctor has never been so affordable