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AIMST University is one of Malaysia education pride.

The AIMST University is the first university to be established in Kedah Darulaman align with State’s 2010 Vision. The university is very prestigious and has strong links with overseas universities. AIMST University is Y.B Dato Seri Samy Vellu , former MIC president’s baby project. It is his aim to upgrade Indian community education system and offer a world class education programme at an affordable rate for the Indian community in Malaysia.

In AIMST University all the degree programmes are conducted in English and also available to International students. It is AIMST pride to have a multinational population and a vibrant environment in AIMST campus.

AIMST University has first class facilities. The students are assisted financially through a number of agencies. The students are eligible to apply for the PTPTN loan or other commercial banks loan too. AIMST University also cares a lot for the students. They provide counselling, career services and disability support. Plus it oversees the development and management of student’s activities via societies and clubs and through events such as sports, debate and cultural activities. AIMST also has Student Health Clinic to provide routine medical care for staffs and students. The University has badminton courts, squash courts, both indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a gym plus a swimming pool. It also has prayer rooms for students to perform their religious obligations. AIMST University has a cafeteria which serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian halal food and includes both local and western cuisine. AIMST University provides hostel which consists of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and bath facilities. It is apartment concept which range from 4 students to a room, 3 students to a room, 2 students to a room and single occupancy rooms. The university also provides laundry and transport services.


Medical Program in AIMST is world class. It is modern and innovative clinically integrated by major medical schools in the United Kingdom and incorporates with local requirements by the Malaysian Medical Council.

Bachelor in Medicine in AIMST is a 5 year program. The first year is classroom lecturing with primary care interphase for 2 weeks. Second year divided to 2 phases majorly Problem Based Learning (PBL) with 3 weeks in hospital environment which is the First Clinical Attachment. Second year is inclusive of requisite Self Study Module. Year 3 covers medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology and Paediatrics and has co-curricular module; sports, literary projects, ethics, environmental awareness and they are assessed. 4th year is known as junior clerkship where students do Problem Based Learning sessions, symposia, clinical classes and self-directed learning. Year 5 the students will recall all the previous lessons in year 3 & 4. This will enable to develop their personal cognitive skills for lifelong learning with analytical and communication skills. To end the 5 years course the students must complete a final Self Study Module.

Medicine graduates will have vast opportunities in the career market as

  • General health Practice
  • Specialist Practice
  • University Teaching & Research

Admission must meet minimal prescribed grades in the relevant subjects at the matriculation (local or overseas) level or possess other equivalent qualifications acceptable to AIMST University. Students may apply PTPTN and AIMST offers students with excellent performance in the SPM, discounts on tuition fees upon enrolment in AIMST Foundation programmes. The discount rate is based on the number of A’s obtained and could be a as high as 70% of their tuition fees







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