Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University, India

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The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University (KIMS) was established in the year 1984 and since then, the university has been a valuable Maharashtra center of medical education. The University provides an ideal place for education and learning due to its great and beautiful campus with attractive buildings, serene and tranquil surroundings, comfortable hostels, friendly faculty, great amenities and library facilities.

KIMS offers diplomas and degree for post graduation in different branches and undergraduate degree. This competent and highly reliable university also offers post graduate diploma in the Medical Laboratory Technology.

Since its inception, the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University has been enjoying an enviable reputation among many Indian medical colleges because of the quality education that it has been providing to all its students. Innovative teaching strategies and methods, an experienced and professional faculty, dedication to serving the community and the adaptation to the new trends of technologies have actually contributed to the long tradition of excellence of the university.


How do I get there?

Address: Malkapur, Karad (Dist.Satara) 415539 Maharashtra, India.

The Krishna Hospital

The Krishna Hospital is dedicated to providing quality care and the best standard treatments to their clients. Their quality care actually involves instrumentation, infrastructure, specialized techniques and skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals. The Krishna Hospital also has eleven fully equipped main operation theaters, Central hospital Laboratory, Labor Rooms, computerized medical records and the hospital also has a kitchen and canteen.

The Krishna Hospital also has 845 beds, Departmental Library and offices, a blood bank that is equipped with different components, pharmacy and two minor operation theaters. When it comes to Emergency Services or Casualty, this offers twenty-five beds and also provides suction, central oxygen and some other important resuscitative measures. The services are offered on a 24/7 basis essential for all illnesses that need urgent attention and care, emergencies and accidents.

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Facilities

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences is equipped with a lot of essential facilities to cater the needs of their clients. As a matter of fact, the Colleges and the Hospital are provided with separate feeder by the electricity board. The department is also equipped with digital and conventional Nikon cameras with flash guns, 300m lenses as well as umbrella unit. It also has a well-equipped studio, dark room, computer room and art room that can help in the coverage of the intra-operative and other related events.


The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences has been recognized by the Medical Council of India as well as Malaysia’s Medical Council because of the high quality service and the great standard of education that the university has been offering. It is also important to note that the university has been in listed in the world directory of medical schools of the World Health Organization. Also, the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences has been declared as “University” in May 2005 under section three of the UGC act. Now, the university has various constituent colleges including Biotechnology, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical and Dental.

The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University has been sending professional and competitive medical students throughout the world to help provide the best medical care to many people all over the world.



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