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What makes Kursk state medical university so great? Well I could go on and on about the job opportunities, the international student opportunities, and the fact that it’s a well known school, but there is so much more than just that to this university.

What is Kursk State Medical University?

Kursk Medical is a university that is located in Russia; it’s relatively small, and known for producing some amazing people in the medical field. It offers courses to students in a variety of subjects. Subjects that you can expect to find at Kurst State include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Nursing
  • Economics
  • Social work
  • Physics and mathematics
  • Natural Sciences and Geography
  • Computer Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • Many more subjects

With this good variety of subjects the students are better prepared for the ever changing world that exists right now in the Medical field. Increasingly it is becoming more and more important for students to have a variety of skills and subjects, and Kursk Medical prepares students for this world.


How do I get there?

The distance from the Moscow airport to Kursk University is about 523 KMs (325 miles) so plan accordingly. The address is Lebanon, Beirut, Mansourit El Matin, Barid Street, Center Yazbique. If you’re having any trouble you can give them a call at 00961 3 594044 and they can direct you.

What’s some more information?

Kursk State Medical University has been around for a long time, since 1935 in fact. That means it’s been around for over 78 years! Because of this, most employers recognise Kursk Medical as a good university; you won’t have to worry about graduating with a degree that nobody else knows, or respects. This also means that you know that the University isn’t going to close down anytime soon; you won’t spend all of that tuition money just to have the school shut down.

Another great thing about Kursk State Medical is that it only has 6,400 students, while this may seem like a lot it’s actually relatively few for a University. This means that you will have more focus and attention from your teachers and counsellors; you won’t be just another number. This translates into better grades and usually better job opportunities down the line. The small close knit environment is great at producing new leaders in the Medical field. For instance the average class only has 6 to 12 students, this means that you’ll be getting one on one help from the teacher.

Does it have any accreditation?

Like I pointed out before, Kursk State Medical is not just some fly by night medical university. They have been accredited by some top organisations; this includes the big ones like WHO, and GMC. By going to a school that’s accredited you have a much higher chance of getting into the career that you would like to, as others will recognise that your medical degree really does mean your proficient in the material.

What about international students?

If you’re from outside of Russia and thinking about going to Kursk, you won’t be disappointed. Out of the school there are over 1,200 international students! Kursk is happy to accept students who are from other countries; in fact Kursk offers courses in English as well as Russian. This means that if you’re a foreigner who’s just a little bit scared of learning the language, you won’t have a problem.

Any extra-curricular activities?

Kursk Medical does have other activities besides just school. This includes sports, music, dance, and other programs. Your employers will be looking at other activities that you may have done that show leadership and responsibility. That’s why at Kursk you will have the opportunity to participate in these sorts of activities. This will show your employers that you can handle responsibility, and that you enjoy working hard.


How do I apply?

If you’re a hard worker who is considering different medical universities. Why not look at Kursk as an option?  Being able to go to an international school is a new experience, and can lead to many exciting opportunities in the future. The university is well known and well accredited, plus it caters well to international students, if you’re looking for a difficult and challenging adventure, this would be the right place.

Applying at Kursk State Medical University is relatively easy, you can contact our medical college advisors to help to save your time and money.




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